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Vibes 2:
Daily exchange:
the designers

The second chapter of the RessVibes format by Resstende - leader in the sector of solar shading and technical roller blinds - is dedicated to designers, aimed at enhancing the People, Projects and Stories that make the company an international, solid and constantly evolving reality.

The centrality of People, both internal to the company and collaborators, represents a strategic component for Resstende to pursue the objectives of continuous growth and improvement. Growing as a company means for Resstende to grow relations with all the main stakeholders from a human and professional point of view, to ensure that their value becomes a real driving force for always reaching new goals.

Hence the RessVibes project, to celebrate the richness of relationships and collaborations, at all levels, capable of determining business success.


The “narrative” voices of the second thematic focus are the architects. A decisive relationship with the designers: with the use of their high professionalism and high skills, Resstende creates quality solutions and design tailoring every day.


In the video, the contributions of Arch. Pietro Bagnoli - Architect and Director of One Works, Rossella Gerosa - Project Manager Resstende, Gianandrea Barreca - Architect and Founder of Barreca & La Varra, Marisa Corso - CEO of MC International.


"The relationships with the architects and designers with whom we deal daily have led over the years to exciting projects", comments Fabio Gasparini, CEO Resstende, leading interlocutor for all large-scale and high-level projects that have seen the collaboration with world famous architects. "A relationship of great trust is essential at the base, together with the ability of the company to grasp and then realize every detail of the design and production".

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Arch. Pietro Bagnoli
Architect and Director of One Works

«The relationship with Resstende was established, we can say personally, several years ago, whilst I was developing a project, working for another studio in Canada. The Canadian supplier mentioned the name Resstende for the creation of a custom-made solution that they were unable to develop there. We often work with Resstende due to their willingness to help and support us from the outset in developing a project and the aptitude to create custom-made project».

Rossella Gerosa
Project Manager Resstende

«Collaborating with them, with the whole One Works team, always leads to something different, studied, creative, beautiful. Working with One Works is always a challenge because, clearly, One Works is a well-known name. The projects it develops are important while the staff of the Resstende technical studio like to develop a unique product, a custom product, a product that responds to their needs».

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Gianandrea Barreca
Architect and Founding partner of Barreca & La Varra 

« Knowing how to curate that which you utter to yourself in a moment of creativity, in a moment in which you put the project together, through to the moment in which you achieve it, is a process of great equilibrium. You have to be persevering and balanced and it seemed to us that Resstende had some of these characteristics, so they fit in with our idea of creating architecture. If I had to summarise Resstende in 3 words, I would say: willing, precise and punctual».

Marisa Corso
CEO MC International

«Since Resstende had expressed the desire to open up a little more to the world of architecture: we met with Fabio Gasparini and from there, we began to develop a common pathway, which has been going on for more than 3 years now. I am certainly very happy to work with them, I believe that this union works: with Resstende, we have mainly carried out projects with the most important architectural firms».

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Chapter 2

Daily exchange: the designers