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Vibes 1:
Our vibes

This is the starting point for the thematic focuses series which make up RessVibes: from the words of those who live every day in the company, striving to convey a strong message regarding quality, design tailoring, the exquisitely Italian soul of the brand.

«RessVibes is a unique project that allows you to discover how others perceive Resstende. A format that embraces a corporate vision that conceives goal and success as the result of wonderful collaboration with people. These are the people without whom we would not be what we are today. RessVibes is our way of celebrating the value of relationships because each of us appreciates details and differentiates according to the "lenses" he brings and the experiences he has lived with us », says Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director of Resstende.

The Gasparini family has been leading the company for three generations and over the years has surrounded itself with key figures for common and constant growth. Here is the video contribution of Fabio Gasparini, Chief Executive Officer, Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director, Carlotta Gasparini, Administrative Director, and then again Roberto Lupi, Italy Sales Director, Angelo Furia, Senior Project Manager, Rossella Gerosa, Project Manager, Kenzo Tamada, Export Manager and China Branch Director, Afa Chan, General Manager Resstende Shanghai Noosa.

Collaboration, team, union are the key words that mark the fil rouge of all their testimonies, proving how the People are with their stories, the coordinated actions of a team with a shared vision, the decisive elements to always reach new goals and overcome challenges together.

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Fabio Gasparini 

«Resstende is a piece of family. What we do in Resstende is something that you can’t do either alone or with a group of people who can’t understand its spirit. Another positive aspect is to have a group pf people which exist in Resstende for a long time, almost 30 years».

Riccardo Gasparini 
Managing Director

«I have always felt this sense to belonging to the company that involves our entire work group and also the union that is generated at the relationship level. The sense of belonging to a brand and to the company must be transmitted because our collaborators must realize that they are collaborating in the growth of an important project. We have the opportunity and the honor to dialogue and partecipate together with the greatest architectural firms in the world that today design and modify the skylines of the world’s metropolises». 

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Carlotta Gasparini
Administrative Director

«I'm now working with the people who saw me grow up from a young age. We all work together on major projects and pursue a common target goal. The new headquarter will allow us to progress further with the possibility of increasingly important work challenges».

Roberto Lupi
Sales Director – Italy

«Today the work has become more fluid thanks to the new constructions that help to install our product. Thanks to our team and the people who work in Resstende we are as strong, compact, united team and this helps us a lot to relate to the outside world».

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Angelo Furia
Senior Project Manager 

«The strength of Resstende is the way that is created together with the designer in which it is possible to satisfy him with innovative by doing small steps at a time. The trust that is created is the key to this relationship».

Rossella Gerosa
Project Manager 

«Creating a different and personalized output never the same as the previous one - whether in the residential, contract or museum sector - pushes us to always be creative so as to being able to provide custom made solutions for the customer». 

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Kenzo Tamada.png
Kenzo Tamada
Export Manager and China Branch Director

«The term "static" does not exist in the Resstende dictionary, challenges are the order of the day and are always overcome thanks to teamwork. In international collaboration it is essential to create a symbiosis and to want to be one big family in order to always find a shared solution». 

Afa Chan
General Manager Resstende Shanghai Noosa 

«In China, Resstende offers roller blind systems that are unique in terms of technical features and design, required among customers and architects.  We are often faced with important challenges linked to the diversification of the Chinese architectural structures. Thanks to the technical support of the Italian headquarter we have always won them together».

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Chapter  1

Our vibes