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Teamwork is the ability to work together for a common vision. The ability to direct individual work towards the goals of the entire organization. It is the fuel that enables ordinary people to achieve uncommon results.

A. Carnegie, entrepreneur and philanthropist


These three words contain the soul of the initiative created by Resstende which fully reflects the brand's values: passion for performance, a pragmatic approach and undisputed enhancement of Human Capital. A constantly vibrating reality that never ceases to progress with a view to implementing projects and solutions that have a single fine grade: living well, living better. RessVibes is a great piece for this all-Italian company that believes in the real substance of projects as the results of the competence and synergy of successful and effective collaborative relationships. So Resstende wants to tell the general public the intensity of these vibrations with the words of those who, at the forefront, live the company every day.


The project

RessVibes was created with the aim of giving voice to the virtuous business collaborations that have allowed us to become the company we are today. Resstende is not made up of individuals, but of a team which, coordinated by the Gasparini family, moves in unison towards a single direction.


RessVibes wants to be the joyful celebration of all those figures, internal and external to the company, who every day contribute to its success thanks to the commitment and the desire to do great things together.


The project consists of a series of visual narratives that tell what Resstende is through the eyes of those who live it: the Gasparini family, the large company team, the architects with whom we collaborate every day, the real estate experts and some clients of the company.

Narrative voices that intend to convey a strong message with respect to quality, to the design tailoring, the exquisitely Italian soul of Resstende: a reality that starts from afar to inspire the present and capable of reaching every most daring project of today.


Resstende is a leading Italian company in the solar protection sector that produces technical roller blinds highly appreciated by internationally renowned designers and architects. Resstende was founded in 1975. The experience acquired over the course of a few years allowed the creation in 1980 of the first series of Resstende branded blackout and shading roller blinds. From here on, a history of research, quality and technology develops, which today finds expression in over 1000 product variants and exports to over 30 countries around the world. The headquarters in Agrate Brianza responds to the most modern production and regulatory requirements, which are essential to guarantee quality production. Since 2011 Resstende has promoted a new line of products with an essential design and innovative fabrics - Laylight - and since 2017 a fruitful partnership with the Japanese company Tachikawa Corporation for the roller blinds in the Armonia line. Tenacity, passion and efficiency have always accompanied Resstende's presence on the market, essential characteristics for the success of this business.

2021 Edition

2021 is considered a year of rebirth and upheaval for human relations. Resstende therefore wants to celebrate in a new way the People and Human Capital that allow it to present itself as a leader in the sector of solar shading and technical roller blinds. The high quality and completely tailored solutions produced by the Agrate company are made thanks to the professionalism and great skills of the people. Without them, the company would be just a thought.

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«RessVibes is a unique project that allows us to discover how others perceive Resstende. Each of us appreciates different details depending on the "lenses" he brings, and the experiences lived with us. Let's discover them together along this journey!»

Riccardo Gasparini Managing Director 


Resstende is what you see today thanks to the people who have lived it, who have made it progress, who have contributed with their relationships to create a concrete added value in terms of design, development and technological progress in the name of continuous innovation, oriented to human well-being. And it is precisely from this concept that the RessVibes project comes to life, from the people who are the protagonists of the brilliant company history, to them the word to tell the beauty of our progress, of our experience, anticipating the future.



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Our vibes



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Resstende's commitment to Real Estate


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